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Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play

Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play
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Game info

5 Reels

40 Win Lines

2x Tumbling Reels

Getting Ready to Play Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play Slots

With 40 win lines, the Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play slots have numerous opportunities to win big. Simultaneously, you will be playing two games, referred to as Tumbling Reels, which allow you to increase your winnings by twice as much. There is also a fantastic Tumble Thru feature on this William Hill game. There is both a bottom game and a top game that spin at the same time, so with just a single play, you can win twice. There are special bonus features that can be activated by getting the right symbols. For example, you can get an Extra Paylines Free Spins Bonus that is triggered by getting three Bonus symbols. If you are ready to take a trip to the Renaissance ages, take the Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play slots out for a quick game.

Betting on the Slots

The base game contains 40 win lines, and you can select how much you would like to bet on each individual line. You can increase your bet by pressing the plus symbol (+) in order to add to the amount you would like to bet on each payline. You can also press the minus symbol (-) in order to lower your amount. You can increase or decrease your wager according to predetermined increments. Although the regular game is fixed at 40 lines, you can get an additional 20 lines when you enter the Extra Paylines Free Spins Bonus. Once you have reached the betting amount you would like to play with on the slots, you can click “Spin” and your bet will be submitted.

Utilizing Auto Spin

If you would like to play a few rounds on the Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play slots with the same amount, then you can use the Auto Spin feature. This allows you to select how many games you want to play on. In the event that you do no longer want to use this feature, you can simply press “Stop.” Your auto spins will also automatically stop if your account runs out of funds or if something happens that activates a Bonus round.

Tumble Thru and Tumbling Reels

Once you have earned a matching combination of icons, you will activate the Tumbling Reels feature on these slot machines. This activates the Extra Paylines Free Spins Bonus round. First, all winnings are added to your meter. After you receive your amount, the combinations will disappear, and all of the now empty spaces are filled in with icons from the reels above. With the help of the Tumble Thru feature, icons from the upper reels are relocated into the now empty spots in the lower reels. This allows you to potentially get other matching symbols, which are also added to your total winnings. This feature keeps running until no more combinations are won.

Playing the Extra Paylines Free Spins Bonus Round

If you see three matching Bonus symbols within a single payline, then you will activate the Extra Paylines Free Spins Bonus. Once this bonus feature is triggered, you will at first receive six free spins to play with. In addition to the extra spins, the slot machine game will also open up 20 additional paylines to give you even more opportunities to win. This bonus round also puts more Wild symbols within the reels to increase your chances of achieving an identical combination.

It is possible to earn more free spins within a bonus round by getting three more Bonus symbols within a round you are already playing. This will award you with six more free spins that come with all the same advantages as mentioned above. A player can win up to 300 free spins at most during a bonus game. You cannot change your bet amount when playing the bonus round. It will be the same as it was during the round that triggered the round initially.

Altering Graphics

If you desire, you can change the graphics settings within Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play slots:

  • Low: Smooth animation but poor graphics
  • Medium: Better performance and low-quality graphics that are slightly better than Low
  • High (default setting): Ideal performance and graphics quality
  • Best: Performance is slightly degraded but great graphics

Other Rules on Da Vinci Diamonds: Dual Play Slots

You can select the currency you want to play with within the game. A player can only win a single award on a payline in the event that more than one matching combination appears. If this happens, then the highest combination pays out. If multiple wins are achieved on different paylines, then they will all be added together to give you your total winnings. There is an award cap, and if this cap is reached during the Bonus round, then the Bonus round ends immediately. A malfunction within the slot game voids your plays and pays. 95.27 percent is the RTP rate of this slot machine game.

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