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Crazy Chicken Extreme

Crazy Chicken Extreme
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Game info


●Instant win shooter with a mix of skill and luck
●May win cash prizes for each one of the chickens you hit
●Shoot individually or use Quick Shoot function to blast up to 10 birds at once
●Chances to up to £10,000 for each chicken you shoot
●With 10 birds this means a maximum combined jackpot of £100,000!
●RTP is variable due to skill element at max of 98.0%


Your shotgun has 10 shells that you can fire at the chickens who fly around the screen - remaining ammo can be seen on the bottom right.  

Aim carefully - each bird has the potential to pay you out a cash prize up to a maximum of £10,000 per chicken.  
But, if you don’t feel like shooting each individual you can also use the quick shoot button which fires all ten shots at once!  When you have taken all 10 shots you may reload your gun by placing another stake. At the end of the round all the prizes are added together and you are paid for the total.

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