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Game info

5x3 Reels

20 Win Lines

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Cleopatra Slots Game

Thank you for choosing Cleopatra Slots. If you are ready for an exotic adventure on the Nile River where you can explore ancient Egypt, this slot game is for you. Cleopatra is a very popular 20 payline slot game that is played in casinos all across the country. Game play is narrated by the sexy and sultry voice of Cleopatra herself. All line wins completed with Wild Cleopatra are awarded double value.

Keep an eye out for the mysterious Sphinx. Anytime it appears on three or more reels, the Cleopatra bonus will start. Any time the Cleopatra bonus is activated, you earn 15 free spins and all wins are worth three times their normal amount.

With adventure and pay out like this, it’s no small wonder that Cleopatra is one of the most played slot games in the world. It is also available to play in our free slots tournament page.

How to Play Cleopatra Slots

There are 20 paylines in Cleopatra. Game controls are situated at the bottom screen. You can select and see your bet by making a selection in the “Line Bet” box. The “+” and “-“ are used to increase and decrease the stake for each line. You can either select all of the paylines or the exact number of paylines you want to play. Player can also select the “Lines” option to change how many paylines they are playing. Once satisfied with the payline stakes, click “Play” to start the game.

To bet the maximum, one must click on the “Max Bet” button. If player does not have enough credit available to bet the maximum amount of credits, the max bet will be the remaining amount of any available credit. The line bet will reflect this amount as well. If player’s remaining balance is under 20 times the minimum bet per line, the max bet will reflect fewer lines in play.

Special Cleopatra Slots Features

The Scatter Bonus is generated when Sphinx symbols show on two or more reels in any position. The Scatter Bonus is equal to the total amount bet. A larger scatter bonus multiplier is awarded based on the number of Sphinxes on the reels. More Sphinxes will generate a higher scatter bonus.

The Cleopatra Bonus round is triggered when the Sphinx symbol appears on three or more reels in any position. The number of free spins is equal to the amount of the bet you placed when the bonus was activated. All free spins are automated. The payout for free spins that are generated for the bonus round are the same as the regular game, except all wins are triple their original value. Five Cleopatra symbols generate the top game award. The bonus multiplier does not apply when all five Cleopatra symbols are on the reels. If Sphinxes appear on three or more reels for a free spin play, 15 more free spins will be added to the current free spin bonus balance. At the end of the last free spin, all winning combinations that were played will be awarded.

The RTP for Cleopatra Slots is 96.1 percent. At maximum stake, the maximum return achievable per spin is £250,000 (or applicable currency calculation). The maximum return is not inclusive of stake. All bonus events are paid out in addition to the current maximum return for each spin.

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