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Game info

Online Slot

30 Win Lines

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Introduction to Cats Slot Game

Play Cats slots for an exciting gaming experience set in a strange land brimming with wild cats that can make your winnings double.

Split Symbols will count as two symbols and not just one. For a winning payline, three is the minimum amount of symbols and ten is the maximum. For a fun surprise, the Split Symbols TM feature includes wild symbols, which can maximize your wild wins.

Split Symbols are a great way to win and to get lots of win potential.

To enter the Free Spins Bonus, have five or six paw prints appear in the three middle reels. According to the amount of paw prints, you can win five or ten free spins.

Go wild with winnings while playing Cats slots game!

How to Bet at Cats Slots

Cats slot game has 30 paylines. How many lines to play and the amount you bet per line are up to you. Use Auto Spin, and the game will be played for you.


All line bets are displayed in the currency you are using. Decrease the bet per line by clicking the '-' button on the left, and increase the bet per line using the '+' button on the right. The left and right arrows do not raise or lower the bet per line in a linear fashion necessarily. Instead, the bet per line is raised or lowered according to popular wagering amounts.


Submit your bet and spin the reels by clicking the button.


This shows the number of paylines that have been played. The number of paylines currently played is displayed in the Lines box. Decrease the number of paylines by clicking the '-' sign on the left, and click the '+' sign on the right to increase the number of played paylines. Choose from several paylines: 1, 2, 5, 9, 15 or 30.

Auto Spin

By choosing Auto Spins, the game will be played automatically with the current number of lines and line bet. Once the number of lines and line bet have been selected, click the Auto Spin button and select the number of games you wish to play. The number of games you have selected will be played automatically until the Stop button is pressed, a Bonus is triggered, or until your balance becomes insufficient.

Split Symbols Feature

Each cat symbol comes in two kinds in Cats TM: singles and doubles. Single symbols feature one cat, and double symbols feature two of the same cat and use the Split Symbols TM feature. Each cat on the reel has a single and double version. Winning outcomes are decided based on the amount of matching cats on the payline, and not just on the amount of matching symbols. Win with three matching cats at the minimum and ten matching cats at the maximum. A 3- or 4- symbol pay can be won on the first two reels.

The Split Symbols TM feature is made better by the Cats TM logo symbol. This symbol is wild and can stand in for the most lucrative cat symbol or royal symbol needed to complete a win. Cats TM logo symbols are evaluated by using the Split Symbols TM feature when standing in for a cat symbol. This makes the wild symbols quite lucrative.

Free Spins Bonus

In order to trigger the Free Spins Bonus, players need to get five or six paw prints on reels 2, 3, or 4. Similarly to the other Cats slots symbols, paw prints symbols will appear as single or double symbols. These symbols will use the Split Symbols TM feature where a pair of Double Paw Print symbols plus a Single Paw Print total the equivalent of five paw prints. A trio of Double Paw Prints are calculated as the same as six paw print symbols.

Free spins are triggered by these paw prints, and a total of five paw prints will get you an equal number of free spins. Six paw prints; however, will win even more - ten free spins - while Four paw print symbols will win a scatter award (details can be seen on the paytable). The Free Spin Bonus reels are quite lucrative, much more so than the game's main reels.

Cats Slots Options

Graphics Quality

The graphics quality can be adjusted in order to achieve the best animation performance.

  • BEST mode - The graphics are the highest quality; however, the game's performance may suffer.
  • HIGH mode (the default) - Recommended setting for graphics and game performance.
  • MEDIUM mode - Increased performance, but the graphics quality is lower.
  • LOW mode - Low quality graphics, but high-level animation performance even on slow computers.

Cats Slots Rules

All plays and pays are voided by malfunctions.

Payline award symbols need to appear in a line that has been played as well as on consecutive reels, starting with the leftmost reel.

Payline wins will occur only on bet lines.

The highest winner only is paid on each payline.

One award only is paid for each payline.

Line wins will be multiplied by the winning line's line bet.

Wins from different paylines will be combined. Scatter awards are not included in payline awards, and will be added to the amount paid in total.

Four paw prints will award scatter pay, and no bonus will be triggered.

Five or six paw prints will trigger the bonus, and no scatter pay will be awarded.

Awards can be seen in currency.

The Split Symbols feature is counted as two of the symbol when the player has won.

The number of matching cat symbols on a winning payline (from left to right) will influence the outcome.

In a winning outcome, wild symbols can replace the Split Symbols feature.

There is a maximum amount that can be awarded in any single transaction. Details can be seen in the paytable. A transaction consists of the Free Spins Bonus and the outcome that triggered the bonus. If the maximum award amount is reached during the Bonus, the Bonus will end prior to all the free spins being completed.

Cats Slot Additional Information

The Controls Bar at the game screen's bottom displays the features detailed in the How to Bet section, as well as the chosen currency's current balance, the amount that will be paid upon winning, and the amount of the current or last proposition.

Cats and Split Symbols are trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT in the U.S. and/or other countries, and are used with permission. Copyright © 2010 IGT. All rights reserved.

The Return to Player is 94.93%.

At maximum stake, the maximum return achievable per spin is £250,000 (or applicable currency calculation). The foregoing maximum return excludes stake. Any related bonus event return would be additional to the foregoing maximum return per spin.

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