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Cash Noire

Cash Noire
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Free Spins

Progressive Multiplier

Mystery Symbols

Cash Noire Touch™ Game Rules

  • Cash Noire Touch™ is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 1024 bet ways featuring the Avalanche™ Feature, a Mystery symbol, a Crime Zone, and Free Spins with a Multiplier.
  • Toggle VoiceOver and Subtitles in Game Settings to turn off and on the narrative of Cash Noire™.
  • The game is played with 1024 bet ways and different bet and coin values.
  • The game can be played with cash or coins. To switch between cash and coins, go to the Game Settings.
  • BET is the amount of coins or cash to bet.
  • When playing with coins, the bet value is set by tapping the Bet Settings button and selecting the coin value. When playing with cash, the bet value is set by tapping the Bet Settings button and selecting the bet.
  • BALANCE displays the amount of cash or coins available to bet.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.
  • Symbol payout values shown in the Paytable are dynamic and change in accordance with the selected bet value.
  • Matching symbols in any position on three or more adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel, result in a bet way win.
  • Bet way wins pay if in succession from leftmost reel to right
  • Only the longest matching combination per symbol is paid.
  • More bet way wins are created when additional instances of the symbol appear on the same reels that create the longest bet way win.
  • A bet way win is equal to the value shown in the Paytable. This amount is also multiplied by any applicable multipliers.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet ways are added.


  • When there are no wins on the reels after a spin or an Avalanche, the Mystery Symbol transforms into a random regular symbol.
  • Only 1 Mystery Symbol may land on the reels on any spin in the main game or in Free Spins each time this feature is activated.
  • If this symbol lands outside the Crime Zone, it reveals a random symbol from the Paytable.
  • If the Mystery Symbol lands inside the Crime Zone, it clones itself throughout all the spots of the pattern revealing a random symbol from the Paytable.

Avalanche™ Feature

  • A winning bet way starts an Avalanche. Symbols in a winning combination are removed from the reels so that more symbols fall into the empty spots.
  • The Avalanches continue within the same spin until there are no more wins.
  • The winnings from the Avalanches are counted and paid out after each Avalanche.
  • During Free Spins mode, the winnings you get from Avalanches are paid and multiplied by the Multiplier.


  • The Crime Zone is a red pattern of differently shaped hotspots that gets activated on every spin.
  • It has an initial size of 3 spots on the reels but increases to 4 and 5 when specific clues are activated. For more information about the number of spots the Crime Zone expands into, check the Clue List section.
  • Each winning symbol inside the Crime Zone activates an item from the Clue List.
  • The Clue List is a meter that shows the progression of the game towards Free Spins.
  • If there are no further winning combinations, the clues fade out and the meter resets to 0.
  • When 3 - 6 clues get activated, the Crime Zone expands, covering 4 spots on the reels (within the same spin).
  • When 7 or more clues get activated, the Crime Zone expands, covering now 5 spots on the reels (within the same spin).
  • When 13 clues have been activated, and there are no winning combinations on the reels, 6 Free Spins are awarded.


  • Free Spins are played with the same bet and coin value as the round activating Free Spins.
  • While in Free Spins mode, the Crime Zone:
    • Always covers 5 spots and it's active throughout Free Spins.
    • Has the same pattern that activated Free Spins, though it may randomly change position on the reels.
  • Once the game enters Free Spins mode, the play area displays a:


    • This meter displays the positions in which the Multiplier progresses and the Extra Free Spins are awarded.
    • Symbols in the Crime Zone that are part of a winning bet way unlock the same amount of locations on this City Chase map.
    • Unlike in the main game, this meter doesn't reset to 0 if no wins occur, but instead, it continues increasing throughout Free Spins.

Return to Player & Max Payout

  • The theoretical return to player for this game is 96.06%
  • Max. payout: £250,000
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