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Cash Buster Extreme

Cash Buster Extreme
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Game info

Prizes up to £250k

Free Go game

Cascading blocks

How to play

Press PLAY and the coloured blocks will fall into place on the game board. Match 5 or more blocks of the same colour connected horizontally and/or vertically to create a Block Cluster*.

Find Block Clusters to win prizes. The prize won per Block Cluster is shown on the in-game Pay Table.

Any Block Clusters are destroyed and result in new blocks falling into place from above. The game continues until no Block Clusters are present on the game board.


Find 3 or more adjacent FREE GO symbols to unlock free goes*. Then pick 1 of the 6 coloured orbs to reveal the number of free goes awarded.


Reveal 6 Gem Clusters in 1 game round to unlock the Bonus Games. Once unlocked there is a choice of 2 games to play:


The player is presented with 6 coloured crystals with a prize associated with each. Roll the dice to reveal 1 of 6 colours. The corresponding coloured crystal is then destroyed to leave a ‘Collect’ and the associated prize is won. Keep rolling the dice and winning prizes until you hit a ‘Collect’, at which point all prizes previously hit are awarded.


Press spin to start the reels. Win all the prizes in the prize column from bottom to top, until a 'COLLECT' stops in the prize column.


Press the AUTO PLAY button to open the auto play interface. The following settings are available to define how many auto spins you would like to play:

  • Number of plays – total number of games that will be played at the current stake.
  • Loss limit – auto play will stop when you hit your loss limit, which can be set as a multiple of your current bet stake. If you don’t want a loss limit, simply select the ‘infinity’ symbol at the end of the row.
  • Single win limit – auto play will stop when you hit a single win limit, which is set as a multiple of your current stake. If you don’t want a single win limit, simply select the ‘infinity’ symbol at the end of the row.

Once you have defined your settings of choice, press 'SET AUTO PLAY' to start your auto play session at the currently selected stake.

Press the stop button at anytime to stop any auto play games once the current round is completed.

*symbols must be connected horizontally or vertically. Diagonals do not count.


Wins are achieved by:

  • Revealing Block Clusters on the main game board.
  • BLASTER BONUS - Roll the dice, win the prize shown on the destroyed crystal.
  • REEL BONUS - Spin reels, win the prizes that stop in the prize column.

General information

System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

This game is a game of chance. The outcome of a play in the game is pre-determined. Actions or choices made by player do not affect the outcome of the game.

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 90.63%.

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