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Carol of the Elves

Carol of the Elves
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Destroying Blockers



Welcome to Carol of the Elves Slot with Respins, Extra Lives, Win Multipliers and up to 3125 Ways to Win.


Carol of the Elves is a video slot with 5 reels, 5 rows and up to 3125 ways to win. The game has 10 regular symbols that pay if 3 or more of the same kind appear in consecutive columns from the left. There are also ice blockers that block reel positions until they are destroyed by landing winning symbols.


Each spin with a winning combination awards a respin. These respins continue as long as players continue landing winning combinations. Respins are played with the same bet as the activating spin.


12 ice blockers are present on the reels during regular spins. When players land a winning combination, each winning symbol releases a star that destroys one of the blockers. If there are no more blockers on the reels, then all winning stars turn into red or green stars and are collected for the features below. Destroying all blockers activates both Win multipliers and extra lives. Once the respins end, the win is added to the balance and the blockers return to the same 12 positions on the reels.


Once all blockers are destroyed, the player is awarded 1 extra life. Stars from the Fox, Reindeer, A, Q and 10 are collected towards the extra lives feature. Players can increase their lives collection by 1 for every 5 red stars they collect. Players can continue collecting lives as long as they continue winning.
The extra Lives feature awards a respin on losing respins. Each time the Lives feature is activated 1 life is spent. When players do not land a winning combination and they have no more lives; the respins end.


Once all blocker are destroyed, Stars from the Bear, Rabbit K, J and 9 are collected towards the Win Multiplier feature. Players can increase their multiplier by 1 for every 5 green stars they collect. Players can continue collecting Multipliers as long as they continue winning. New Multipliers from respins are added after the win is awarded. The multiplier which is displayed in the orb on the left or on the top (mobile portrait only) collection, is not added to the spin which awarded the multiplier but instead to the respin directly after. The total win is added to your balance once no more winning combinations are present and player has no more lives.


  • Select the coin denomination.
  • Press the Spin button to start game


  • To calculate the total Up to 3125 Ways Win, add all the symbol wins together.
  • To calculate a single symbol win, count the number of consecutive reels that contain the symbol, starting from the left and check the payout in the dynamic paytable.
  • If the number of consecutive reels containing the symbol is 3 or greater counting from the left, find the corresponding win amount in the pay table.
  • If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of the symbols, the win will be multiplied. Multiply the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final multiplier. For example: if the first reel contain 2 symbols, the second reel has 3 symbols and the third reel has 2 symbols, the total multiplier is counted as follows: 2*3*2=12(total multiplier).
  • All Way Wins are summed together after the spin.


A) Lines – Displays the number of lines in the game. The number of lines is fixed and cannot be changed.
B) Coin Value – Changes the bet size by changing the coin value.
C) Bet – Clicking on the field toggles between coin and cash view.
D) Max Bet – Sets the coin value to the largest available. Pressing the button a second time returns it to its original state.
E) Spin Button – Starts the game. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the Stop Button. Pressing the Stop Button stops the reels immediately.
F) Autoplay – Players can make the game play without pressing the spin button each time. Choose the number of rounds to auto play by pressing the autoplay button. Players can choose additional conditions for when to stop autoplay in the Game Settings. The loss limit in some game client versions prevent players from losing above a set limit during an autoplay session. Pressing the autoplay button a second time stops the autoplay.
G) Win – Displays the win for the current or last win payout step. Clicking on the field toggles between coin and cash view.
H) Balance – Displays the player's account balance. Clicking on the field toggles between coin and cash view.


  • If the game is interrupted during play, players can replay the game round after restarting the game. If the player chooses to skip the replay, their win will be added to their balance immediately.
  • In any situation where the replay-functionality is not sufficient, please contact the gaming website's support team.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded.
  • This is game rules version 1.0, dated 17/8 2017. To make available any previous version, please use the contact form at http://www.yggdrasilgaming.com/en/contact-us
  • RTP - 96.200%
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