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Burning Desire

Burning Desire
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5x3 Reels

243 Ways to Win

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Burning Desire Slots

Burning Desire slot is a unique casino game in the sense that your credits will be converted into quoins when you play, making it a coin-based slot game. The number of available quoins depends on the points out that you've selected for the game, and then you coins will be converted into credits when you are finished playing. It is possible to change this by navigating to game options. All your credits will be converted into the currency of your choice.

Burning Desire Slots General Rules

  • It is possible to wager as many as x10 coins per spin.
  • This video slot game has a bet multiplier of x25 per spin.
  • Burning Desire slot features 243 ways to win at all times.
  • In the event of a malfunction, all pays and plays will be voided.

Wild Symbol Rules

  • The Wild symbol is the Burning Desire symbol.
  • The Wild symbol will only appear on the following reels: 2 & 4.
  • The Burning Desire Wild symbol will not substitute for the Scatter symbol.
  • The Wild symbol will not generate a winning combination on its own when several symbols appear on a pay way.
  • There are scores of winning combos paid out in each specific pay way. In the event that more than one winning combo on different types of symbols pays out on a pay way, players will be paid out for each of these winning combinations. Take note that you will be paid the highest value combination on a pay way only.

Scatter Symbol Rules

  • The Scatter symbol is represented by the Coin symbol.
  • Winning Scatter combinations are formed when 2+ Scatters appear on the spinning reels.
  • The Burning Desire Slot wild symbol cannot substitute for the Scatter symbol.
  • The total Scatter payouts can be calculated by multiplying the total number of regular coins wagered by the Scatter symbols combination payout.
  • All scatter payouts will be added to your regular wins. In the event that you have a regular when + a Scatter win, you will be paid out for both of them. Take note that the Scatter symbol needn't appear on consecutive reels to form winning combinations.
  • 3+ coin symbols that are scattered on the spinning reels will then activate the free spins bonus game in Burning Desire Slots.

Free Spins Bonus Game Rules

  • 3+ coin symbols that are scattered across the spinning reels will initiate the free spins bonus game.
  • Players will be awarded 15 free spins.
  • During the free spins round, regular wins will be tripled.
  • The pay ways and the wagers that are played during the free spins round will be the equivalent of the spin that initiated the bonus game.
  • It is possible to reactivate free spins during the bonus game of burning desire.
  • Bonus wins and Scatter wins can be added to regular wins.
  • During the bonus game, winnings will automatically be collected.

Gamble Feature Rules

  • Note that any win will activate the Gamble Feature in Burning Desire.
  • Players at the option of skipping the Gamble feature or playing it. Take note that the Gamble feature will not be available if you're win is greater than the gamble activation limit.
  • If you correctly guess the card color, your winnings will be doubled.
  • You can continue playing your winnings until such time as the gamble limit has been reached.
  • The gamble limit is set at a fixed amount, or alternatively 5 gambles per game played.
  • During the bonus game, your winnings will automatically be collected.
  • Remember that all 243 ways to win are always enabled.
  • There is a x 25 bet multiplier per spin.
  • It is possible to wager up to x 10 coins on every spin.
  • Scatter combinations can generate wins in any positions on the spinning reels.
  • Standard winning combinations will pay from left to right. This means that winning symbols must be displayed from the 1st slot reel onward. Should you only hit winning combinations on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th reel these will not pay out.
  • You can calculate your regular wins by multiplying the number of coins won by the number of coins played for each payline.
  • You can have many winning combinations payout for each pay way. Should you hit multiple winning combinations of different symbols on a pay way, you will receive a payout for each of those winning combinations. Should there be multiple winning combinations for the same symbol on a pay way, you will receive only the highest winning combination.
  • Burning Desire slot pays out all winnings in coins.
  • If you take the number of coins played and multiply that by the size of the coins played, this you will generate the amount of credits that you received.
  • During your gaming sessions, any malfunction that you encounter will naturally void all pays and all plays. This Microgaming casino games feature a Games Bonus Bar which is comprised of a percentage of all wagers made on Microgaming games.

Burning Desire Slots Betting and Payout Rules

The Return to Player (RTP) is 93.90% in Burning Desire slot game.

When you're playing at maximum baiting stakes, the most you can win per spin is £93,000 (or the equivalent in an alternative currency). This maximum winning figure does not include the original betting stake. Any cash that you win through bonuses is over and above the maximum return you can generate per spin.

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