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Big Eats Little

Big Eats Little
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Game info

Instant win

Growing prizes

Love Match Bonus

Select a Patch of seaweed among those which are illuminated to navigate the fish through the ocean.

Collect 3 identical symbols and win the corresponding prize as indicated in the paytable or reveal an instant prize which will award 1X, 2X, 3X or 5X the bet.

If your fish eats a smaller fish, your fish grows and the value of the prizes increases. When your fish grows, the value of instant prizes and bonus award will not be increased.

If your fish finds a bigger fish or shark, your fish is eaten and the game ends.

If your fish lands on a position where there is no adjacent weed, a whirlpool will take your fish next to a weed.

Bonus Feature Love Match Bonus

Find a same-size fish to trigger the LOVE MATCH BONUS!

Discover 3 identical baby fish to win. Bonus award will be 3X the bet.

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