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Big 500 Scratch

Big 500 Scratch
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Game info


Big Drop Bonus

Bronze, Silver & Gold Bonus Levels

Big 500 Scratch

How to Play

Select 1, 5 or 10 cards to play the game, Each card contains 3 mini games.
Match 2 symbols to win a prize.
Match 3 symbols to win a prize.
Win a prize for each Big 500 Scratch Symbol

Big Drop Bonus

Collect 3 or more Bonus Symbols and enter The Big Drop Bonus
The player will be awarded with one of 3 Bonus levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold
The Bonus consists of three rounds, each round the player must place their chips across drop positions.
Only one position is the winner.

The amount of chips that survive are awarded to the player at the end of the bonus.
If the player loses all their chips in any round, a consolation prize will be awarded

RTP: 85.00%
Max. Payout £250,000

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