New & Exclusive
New & Exclusive

Here at William Hill, we are proud to offer a wide selection of games. From instant win experiences to table games, we are simply committed to catering for every taste.

However, we are particularly pleased to give our members access to what we believe is one of the best collections of online slots in Canada. Online slots games are hugely popular all over the world and for good reason too. After all, many people know how to play slots after experiencing them offline, and the action online is not much different. You simply have to place a bet and spin the reels to see whether you achieve that perfect winning combination.

We regard ourselves as the quintessential online slots casino and want to ensure you can access one of the best online slots gambling experiences available today.

A Range of Slots at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re an experienced online slots Canada player or totally new to this area, the first thing you will notice here at William Hill is the wide range of slots that we have for you to try. Our focus is on online slots no download experiences as well, so you can rest assured that the games are all easily playable within a standard browser on a range of devices.

The debate around online slots vs casino slots has raged for several years now and it could be said that this issue is a big talking point in that discussion. While the latter undoubtedly have their place, online slots sites are able to offer many different experiences on a single domain. This means you can easily switch between slots online and try lots of them at the simple touch of a button.

Key Features to Look Out for in William Hill Online Slots

If you’re looking for a guide to online slots, there are some notable points you should bear in mind when enjoying the online slots Canada experience here at William Hill. Slots come in many shapes and sizes, but these online slots tips explain some of the key concepts that you should look out for and consider as you play.

Striking themes: Many online slots share similarities in terms of how they work, but no two slots are ever the same. This is because developers have created them in a range of exciting styles, meaning there is so much to enjoy in each individual title. From history and horror to mythical beings and pop culture, William Hill’s online slots in Canada feature many different themes.

Jackpots: Online slots offering jackpots are featured among our selection, which means there could be some major prizes to play for. You should also keep an eye out for online slots that pay progressive jackpots, as the prizes on offer in these online slots grow the longer that they go unclaimed.

Tournaments: Slots tournaments have added a new dimension to playing online slots at William Hill. Members simply have to play specific online slots machine titles in order to take part in the competitions. By spinning the reels on the slots, they earn points which give them the chance to move up the leaderboard. Anyone who finishes in the top places is then in a strong position to be rewarded with a prize.

RTP: Shown as a percentage, this statistic acts as a sort of online slots guide as you play. RTP stands for Return to Player and it basically highlights the percentage of stakes that online slots that pay cash return to players over a long period of play. While there are never any guarantees about specific games offering the online slots best payout available, some players might choose to look out for online slots with highest RTP.

Megaways: You will see Megaways online slots appear throughout your visit to William Hill. These games have brought a new twist to the classic slots experience, as they often feature thousands of ways for players to win. Again, when it comes to the debate surrounding online slots vs real slots, these games are certainly one reason why it is great to opt for the former.

Grab an Online Slots Bonus

Here at William Hill, we love offering our players some great deals and slots promotions are a big part of what we do.

The huge popularity of online slots means we offer online slots bonus deals very often, with one of the most common special offers coming in the form of free spins. These enable you to sample the gameplay of certain online slots for no charge, which can be a useful step to take before you seek out online video slots real money experiences.

If you’re new to William Hill, you might see free spins featured in an online slots sign up bonus or other similar deals. They may also be given away as part of our slots tournaments and other offers too. Put simply, playing online slots with bonus options is a great way to get started in this world.

Sign Up to Play Online Slots Games at William Hill

If you want to discover a wide selection of games and enjoy a quality online slots Canada experience, our services at William Hill could well be for you.

There are many issues to consider when weighing up offline machines v slots online, but the online slots world simply offers so much choice. For many people, playing these games is about more than just benefiting from an online slots same day payout – it is about enjoying an atmospheric and immersive experience along the way as well.

Whether you’re an experienced online slots real money Canada player or an absolute beginner in this world, we hope our online slots tips above have provided you with some vital food for thought. Now, you can explore our promotions, grab an online slots sign up bonus and discover what we have to offer today.